Fearless traveller


do not need to fear

There was a time in my life when I suffered severe sleep deprivation. I would wake up after a very short time,

too afraid to go back to sleep!

It was during those times that God was the closest I had ever known. I didn’t know if I could cope,

but His calming words were like a warming sun

that melted away my fears.

God’s love, and the fact that He works everything out for our good, meant that I didn’t really have anything to fear.

He will look after you too if you let Him.



Every day I wake afraid

I wonder how I can go on

And how it will turn out in the end

Every day I say a prayer

Knowing You can hear my cry

Lord You see how it works out for the best


Then I feel Your calming words over me

Like a waterfall they fall into my soul!


I do not need to fear, I do not need to hide

I do not need to fear when I am by your side

I’m held within your hands, I’m sheltered by your wings

And in my darkest hour I’ll lift my voice and sing

I do not need to fear ‘cause I know you are King


Even when I'm overwhelmed

By the things that I must face

And when nervous thoughts begin to race

Everyday I call Your name

Knowing You can give me strength

Lord You work everything out for the best

Then I feel a calming peace over me

Like the warming sun it melts away my fear!




© 2022 Stephen Atkins (IHN)




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