Fearless traveller


i am not alone

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming we can feel like we’ve literally broken down.

It can be so dark and so bleak that it’s hard to see the way ahead. God is present with us in that foreboding place.

He is completely understanding and completely loving.

His presence can turn a cold and lonely night into a bright and beautiful day.



I am broken down

In a lonely place

I can hardly speak

These tears upon my face

But the stillness of Your voice

Calms the atmosphere

Like crystal through the clouds

You calm my deepest fear


I am not alone

Even when my soul is crying

I am not alone... You’re near

I am not alone

When a part of me is dying

I am not alone...You’re here


Waves of ocean strength

Crashed upon my head

Underwater clouds

Filling me with dread

Then tears of endless joy

Fell upon my face

I can feel You now

As Your presence floods this place


I couldn’t see the stars

The night was far too bleak

And in my desperate state

You began to speak

Your love poured over me

Like streams of liquid joy

I’d never known such peace

Since I was a little boy



© 2022 Stephen Atkins (IHN)




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