Fearless traveller


in my dreams

I’m sure we’ve all had dreams

that we didn’t want to wake up from!

Dreams that make reality seem dreary at best.

Heaven is a real place that is better than the best dream.

For those who believe in Jesus,

it will be a home beyond description.

A home of sheer and utter bliss for all eternity!



In my dreams I wake in skies of crystal

In my dreams I live in glorious light

In my dreams the colours dance in brilliance

A perfect day

A perfect sight


In my dreams the deepest love surrounds me

In my dreams a joy that I belong

In my dreams I’ve found a hope that’s fearless

My spirit soars

My heart is strong


I know there is such a place

That I have never known

It’s not only in my dreams

I know this place will be my home

Peace for my mind

And rest for my soul

I know there is such a place for me…

Heaven is Reality


In my dreams I’ve felt the winds of freedom

In my dreams my imperfection’s gone

In my dreams forgiveness overwhelms me

I’m on my knees

My soul is home!


Some might ask the question

But in my heart I know it’s real

Jesus died to save me and by His stripes I am healed

His mercy and forgiveness have covered all my sin

And at the resurrection

I will rise with Him to a whole new life

A whole new life!



© 2022 Stephen Atkins (IHN)




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