Just fine

Sometimes life is full of good things but at other times it’s heavy going and we can feel crushed.

When Jesus lived on earth he experienced the loneliness of rejection,

the agony of bullying and the despair of having his father turn his back on him.

He knows how we feel and he is there to help us through our pain.

He is the only one who truly understands us.



Standing there with the world upon your shoulders

You need to know that the sun still shines

Don’t give up when everyone’s against you

You need to know that someone cares


Everything will soon be OK

It’ll be all right, so great, just fine

Right there in all your despair

There is one who knows

Who loves, who cares


When you’re down and the pain begins to drown you

There is one who has been there too

Jesus knows what it’s like to feel your heart ache

Let his peace swell up over you


When it seems like you’re alone

God is with you, He will never abandon you


© 2010 Stephen Atkins (IHN)



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