So Alone

Where do we turn when life gets hard?

Destructive habits can be enticing when life is low

but the things of this world don’t satisfy us at the deepest level.

They numb the pain for a while but don’t bring any lasting hope. God calls us to return to him.

He is our first love. His love satisfies our aching hearts and brings hope when we are depressed.

His loving character contrasts starkly with the selfish living that we’re surrounded by.

The bible says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)



Living in this world often feels so overwhelming

Pressure building up, tearing you down

People everywhere so controlling, so demanding

Love is growing cold, gone without a sound


I want to fall in love again… I’m so alone

The power of your spirit in my heart

God I am desperate for your touch… to live again

Take me back to my first love

I’m longing for your touch


Living in this world, leaves you feeling love is colder

Everywhere you go the outlook is grim

People’s main concerns;

building wealth and getting older

It is hard to breathe, the candle so dim



© 2010 Stephen Atkins (IHN) Revelation 2:4,5




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