Fearless traveller


victory song

God is the champion of second chances. His grace is sufficient for us. When we are down, we are never out!

The future is bright and there is an end in sight. Let’s get up, dust ourselves off and face a battle that has already been won! If we are on God’s side, we are on the winning team! This is where we belong!



Here’s to the ones who are broken and weak

And feel they are lost in the game

Here’s to the ones who are shattered and bruised

And think they have nothing to gain


God only knows the true depth of your pain

How under the burden you fell

He knows exactly what trials you bear

And how you’ve been hurting as well


So rise up you warrior

God’s on your side

Stand up you mighty one

Fight the good fight

Jesus is risen

The battle is won

This is your victory song

This is where you belong!


Here’s to the ones who have conquered their shame

And live on to tell of the tale

How Jesus was with them each step of the way

Setting them free from the blame



© 2022 Stephen Atkins (IHN)




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